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Here's How It Works

Your system is connected via your existing telephone line or an optional radio back up to our fully computerized, UL listed central station monitoring station.

Whenever your alarm is tripped our computers receive a coded signal. All pertinent information is instantly displayed on one of our computer screens.

Within seconds, our operators notify whomever you have designated: Police/Fire Departments, private guard services, yourself at work or home, emergency medical technicians, friends, relatives, or anyone you want!

Central Station Monitoring

What good is your alarm if nobody's listening? Not much good at all. But we can listen for you! Now you can have your alarm monitored by the professionals at Champion, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Can you depend on a neighbor or passerby to call the proper agency if your alarm goes off? Can you be sure the officers in a passing patrol car will hear the alarm in time to prevent serious loss? Of course not, these are the reasons you need Central Station Monitoring.

Central Station Monitoring allows us to watch your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When the alarm goes off it will send a specific signal to our professionally trained central station operators. Your alarm system can be programmed to detect an intruder, fire, power failure, HVAC failure, boiler failure, flood, low-temperatures, high levels of carbon monoxide, a hold-up, ambush, panic situation, a medical emergency, or even who has entered or exited the premises at what time.

Our central station operators are instructed to inform the proper agency and/or notify an emergency contact list supplied by the subscriber.


Long Range Radio Back Up

If your telephone lines are cut or go down for some reason will your alarm system get out the message? No! For an extra level of protection we can offer you radio back up which works with your alarm system to get the signal to the Central Station if your phone lines are not operational. The alarm protects your premises. The radio back up protects the link between your alarm and our central station.


2-Way Voice Monitoring

In case of an emergency, this feature enables the central station operator to communicate with the premises. Upon an emergency situation the operator can automatically listen in to verify a burglary, or hold-up in progress. You can also inform the operator of any problems you may be experiencing, medical or otherwise just by talking.


Commercial Management Solutions

With open/close supervision of your security system you can be informed if your business opens or closes on off or late hours. You can receive reports with all pertinent information: who opened or closed and what time and date. This is a great management tool.

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