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Leasing and Financing

Lease Benefits

  • Using new equipment with the latest technology will automate and protect your business.
  • By leasing you will earn a tax deduction.
  • Using your own working capital may affect needed cash flow.
  • Bank financing may require a substantial down payment and will also affect your available credit line.
  • If needed you can lease additional equipment or add onto the existing equipment with only an incremental increase to your monthly payment.

Lease Options

  • Fair Market Lease: At the end of the lease you can extend the lease term, return the equipment or buy it for a fair market value.
  • $1.00 Buy-Out Lease: At the end of the lease term, the equipment is simply purchased for $1.00
  • 10% Purchase Option: Same as the fair market value lease, but with a 10% fixed purchase option amount at the end of the lease term.
  • 10% Security Deposit Plan: This program offers the lowest monthly payment with a 10% security deposit due upon signing. This lease can be extended, or the equipment can be returned and the 10% deposit refunded.
  • Seasonal Lease Plan: This plan is perfect for businesses that have slow times seasonally. This plan is sometimes called skip-a-payment plan, allowing you to skip up to three months of payments a year.

Custom Display Keypad

The customized English Display Keypad will notify you of all open zones, system trouble as well as any violated zones in alarm in written English.


Smoke and Fire Detection

Our state of the art smoke and fire detectors will inform your family and the fire department at the first detection of smoke or fire within your home.


Carbon Monoxide Detection

Our state of the art carbon monoxide detectors will inform your family at the first detection of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. The system will also inform our central station monitoring operator to wake you up or even contact you or the utility company when you are away from home.



Puts the systems central station monitoring operator and the premises occupants in immediate verbal communication upon alarm/emergency, with the ultimate in ease-of use and unprecedented dependability.


Wizard Interactive Phone Module

When you add the wizard talking remote controller to your alarm system, any Touch-tone phone is an interactive "talking virtual keypad", even use your cellular phone! The wizard enables you to easily control your security system wherever you may be, on the way home from work, school, or even when you are away on vacation anywhere in the world.


Wireless Technology

Any or all system components (excluding the keypad and siren) may be connected to your security system through wireless technology. Door or window contacts, glass break detectors, motion detectors, smoke, heat detectors, or a pendant personal transmitter.

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